Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kenapa Premium Beautiful Corset ??

Ada banyak jenama pakaian dalaman wanita kat luar sana , tapik kenapa aku pilih Premium Beautiful corset ea??  mmmmrrrrrmmmmmmmm??

Mudah aje jawapannya...
ini je la jenama yg ada '3 in 1' tawwwwww.

Yup,full set is the 3 pieces, tapik bukan itu sebab utamanye..

cer teka !!..
still no idea?

ok, the exact answer is because this brand covers :-
1. Health - 70% out of 100%
2. Beauty - 30% out of 100%
3. Wealth - 200% out of 100% !!!
(Proven..this biz can generate up to 6 figures income!)
hah!! speaking sudah !!

The face of a 6 fig income beautiful lady from Johor, CDM Fazi

*It's Superbrands!
*It's Lifetime Warranty!
*360' flexibility!
*Fabric-Akwatek & Aquadyne
*FIR Technology
*Award from International Association!

Secara pukul ratanye !!!!!
Premium Beautiful is a special design- *inner-wear*-with FIR (FarInfraRedRays) technology ; which helps to take care of our health during our daily activities.

designed to prevent & cure :

*period pain/fibroid/cyst

stretch mark

*slip disc/back pain

*Gastrik/migrain/breast lump
*Asthma/Hepatitis/Detect cancer
and many more.....

Still need more info? pm me/msg me as below :
012 770 9706