Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gathering @Subak .... short but sweeeetttttt...

cherish all beautiful moments with families..that's just what we did last few days in KL..

It was a rush but it was worth it..  started off from JB at 830pm and reach rumah Anep and Lyna around 130am...reason ke KL was nak say thank you pada Anep sebab banyak bantu dalam projek Solar..first income generating from solar projek akan masuk account end of this month..syukur Alhamdulillah.... as a word of appreciation to Anep dan Lyna..we bought hadiah utk Abg Ngah aka Giant...he is so obsessed of cars..big cars especially..  nanti da besar belikan ayah dgn ibu kereta besar okeh !!!

Then pegi rumah Long and Kak biz partner to be..hahahhaha..banyak projek nih for's a great kick off in biz..memang betul la kan..90% punca pendapatan adalah dari biznes..

jom tengok all the nice pix... i just love all the happy faces...


Dalam sibuk dgn family event hari tu..dapat pulak sms from a friend yg recommend her friend
 to try out PB. 
And alhamdulillah new set to punch soon... call me anytime @ 012 770 9706..

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